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After Filters, Filterkop "Baghouse" Collectors & Bin Vent Filters

After Filters often permit recirculation of cleaned air for non-hazardous applications. Separate After Filters and Filterkop “Baghouse” Collectors are available in several configurations and sizes, from 112 square feet of filtration surface area through 7000 square feet for larger air volumes.  They are commonly used as “final filters” behind cyclone separators, combined with exhausters for fine dust or powder collection, or as replacements or additions to existing systems with inadequate filtration.

They are available as open units for indoors, or enclosed for outdoor locations. Motor powered filter shakers are standard on the FT64, FT164, FT88, and FT188 series units, and optional to replace the standard manual shakers on all smaller sizes.

After Filters


After Filters


After Filters


FT40-D1 with Exhauster

After Filters


After Filters

FT64 Enclosed

After Filters

FT64-D1 Enclosed with Exhauster

FT After Filter Series – Models and Specifications

Cotton sateen filter tubes are standard, and optional Napped Cotton Sateen filters are available for fine dust collection applications with efficiencies down to 0.3 microns. Other fabrics are available if the standard filters are unsuitable for your application. Other options include:

  • Automatic shaker control timers
  • Pressure relief panels
  • Flame retardant treated filters
  • Explosion-proof shaker features
  • HEPA filter adapters or HEPA modules for "polishing" discharge air

Our filter systems work well for a wide variety of applications. Woodworking, metalworking, and other common applications often include an after filter as an addition to a cyclone unit to remove the finest dust. Click here to contact us or download our After-Filter Operating & Maintenance Manual

Filterkop "Baghouse" Dust Collection Systems

Filterkop Dust Collection SystemsA Filterkop dust collector will clear the air of very fine dusts. Utilizing a permanent fabric filter system (baghouse filters), the Filterkop removes "fines" as small as 0.3 microns from the airstream, and returns cleaned air back to the workplace, or to vent, as desired. The system requires no cartridge filters, or cartridge replacement expense.  Our filters commonly last up to 10 years, minimizing cost, down time, and labor.

How A Filterkop Operates


Filterkop Dust Collection SystemsDust laden air enters the inlet duct, as shown, and circulates upward and through the cloth filter tubes. Dust is collected by the tubes, and clean air exits via the tube walls and through the baghouse outlet to the outside atmosphere, or back to the plant interior, where permitted. A motorized shaker removes dust from the tubes which falls into the hopper bottom, and into one or more collection drums.

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NOTE: Filterkops are also designed for use with an Aget DUSTKOP or Exhauster which collect contaminated air from plant interiors or process equipment and forces it into the Filterkop.

  • Models with the "D" suffix (FH58-1D, 2D, etc.) have drums under each hopper.
  • Model without "D" suffix have 12 x 24 slide gate on each hopper with 25 1/2" clearance.
  • Models available with hopper gates but "D" leg length for extra clearance under hoppers (54 1/2").
  • Special longer and heavier leg lengths available for 72" or 96" clearance for truck or dumpsters.
  • Direct mounting arrangements available for either push-through or pull-through Aget Exhausters.
  • Stainless steel construction is available for all Filterkop models.
  • All Filterkop models are shipped knocked down (KD). FH58-1 or 1D can be shipped assembled

Filterkop Dust Collection Systems

Silo Vents/Bin Vents

Known as either “Silo Vents” or “Bin Vents”, these are designed to filter air that is displaced by pneumatically filling silos, bins, or hoppers.  Aget’s bin vent filters are often applied to grain and bulk storage bins. They mount directly onto the bin or silo and filter the displaced air as material is added. Captured dust is shaken back into the bin at the end of the process.  We also use our standard after filters, ground mounted, to service multiple bins, or where removing the fines from the bulk material is desirable. Click here to find out more about our 10 models of silo or grain bin filters by filling out our contact form or giving us a call at 1-800-832-AGET (2438).

Silo Vents/Bin Vents Silo Vents/Bin Vents



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