Industrial Dust Collectors

CYCLONE: Basic Dust Collection

Centrifugal forces separate the dry particles from the air stream, and they drop via gravity into a drum or hopper.

The cyclone separator is the most efficient dust collector for its cost.

AGET manufactures both pull-through and push-through cyclone collectors.

AGET offers a warranty and free replacement of DUSTKOP filters for 3 years*

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BAGHOUSE: For Very Fine Dust

The DUSTKOP is also offered in a 2-stage system which includes an after-filter unit attached to the cyclone separator for removal of sub-micron particles as small as 0.3 microns.

HEPA filters are also offered. Baghouses and filter collectors provide highly efficient, economical dust collection solutions.

Baghouses do not require frequent changes to filters such as cartridge designs and therefore have lower operating costs after the initial investment. In fact, AGET warrants its filters for three years and replaces filters for free if they do not perform to specification.*

Clean air can be routed through the baghouse filter for finer particle filtering or vented back in the plant.

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AIR LOCK: Rotary Valves

Known as rotary valves or rotary air locks, these products are most commonly used on cyclones or on a filters’ dust hopper to keep the dust collecting equipment air-tight & dust-tight, while continuously discharging the collected dust, chips, or waste into a truck, dumpster, or any open container.

Our rotary valves' flex tip design makes them ideal for applications such as cabinet and furniture shops where high volumes of dust and chips are generated that make standard storage bins impractical.

Instead of attaching a sealed storage bin, AGET provides an air lock valve that's completely air-tight and prevents air from being drawn back into the cyclone and prevents dust from escaping. Deposit dust into the container of your choice.

The valve discharge can also be equipped with our venturi to blow captured dust, chips, or shavings, into a semi-trailer.

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DOWNDRAFT: Tables, Benches, Booths

Draw air contaminated with dust or fumes away from workers’ breathing zones as they grind, sand, polish, buff, or weld.

Recommended air volumes are from 150-250 CFM per square foot of surface area. Each table is manufactured from heavy-duty, all-welded industrial grade construction for strength and durability under heavy work loads. Connect the table to a DUSTKOP system.

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