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What are the Benefits? Powder Coat vs. Wet Paint

By: AGET Mfg | Published February 21, 2017

We wanted to test the benefits of powder coating on our dust and mist collection equipment, so we challenged our engineers to put each finish to the test!

Corrosion Resistance Test

The purpose of this test was to determine the resistance to corrosion of three powder finish coat colors over powder epoxy primer, compared with a wet epoxy paint and the standard wet paint. The test was conducted according to ASTM B-117 with a 250-hour neutral salt spray test.

Test Results

While we did see some performance variation across colors, this may be more indicative of sample variation (gap between angle and sheet) than the performance of the coatings. However, the final results showed all epoxy primed, powder coated samples outperformed all wet painted samples. For high corrosion applications, we recommend using the powder coat process with powder epoxy primer.

General Benefits of Powder Coating Over Wet Paint

Common issues that are a result of using wet paint can be reduced or eliminated when using powder coat finishes instead, particularly in high corrosion applications.

Avoid VOCs

Liquid paint frequently contains solvents, which contain and release volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The powder coating process contains no solvents and releases negligible amounts of VOC’s during use. This allows the manufacturer to more easily and affordably comply with current government environmental protection laws, and can result in lower product prices for the end consumer.

Extend the Life of Your Dust Collection Equipment

Powder coat finishes are widely regarded as more durable and aesthetically pleasing than a liquid paint application. A powder-coated product lasts significantly longer in all types of environments. As dust collectors are frequently installed outdoors, they are susceptible to harsh climate changes and weather events.

Get Started with AGET Manufacturing

AGET Manufacturing provides a standard powder coat finish for all of its products. Choose any color and select a powder epoxy primer (applied before the powder coated paint layer) for equipment that may experience harsh conditions. If you prefer the traditional wet paint finish, AGET is happy to offer this option. AGET strives to provide customized, turn-key dust collection solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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