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Which Type of Cyclone System is Right For You?

By: AGET Mfg | Published May 7, 2015

When customers are in the market for a dust collector system, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. One of our most popular dust collecting products, our cyclone, is available in several different versions: Direct Drive Pull-Through, Direct Drive Push-Through, Belt Drive Push-Through, and more. Below we’ve outlined the differences between these cyclone systems to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing a dust collector system for your needs.

Direct Drive Pull-Through Cyclone System

The Pull-Through cyclone system, also known as a cyclone separator, is the most efficient dust collector for its cost, and the most popular. This system uses top-mounted motors and fans to pull dust and other contaminants through the system using a vacuum. The abrasive particles do not touch the fan as they enter the cyclone. The centrifugal effect of the cyclone forcibly precipitates dust out the bottom of the cyclone into the appropriate container. The remaining clean air can be re-introduced into the room or, if micro particles still exist, can be exhausted to a bag house for additional filtering.

Pull-through systems are ideal for removing abrasive materials and potentially dangerous contaminants that could cause sparking, etc. when in contact with a fan blade.

Direct Drive Push-Through Cyclone System

Direct Drive Push-Through Cyclone Systems use the same vortex as the pull through cyclone but the air is pushed through the system by the fan.  The advantage of the push through is that the user is not as concerned with an “air tight” system as required in the pull through system.  Additionally, small packaging can be attained for the motor and fan assembly.  For the chip & mist collectors, which use the push through system, draining of the mist is easily accomplished and can be fed back to the original reservoir.  As one can imagine, a “vacuum” system makes draining much more difficult.

Belt Drive Push-Through Cyclone System

A belt driven cyclone system is a great cyclone for customers who need a larger, higher HP dust collector. Belt Drive cyclones are available from 10-75 HP and are ideal for spaces that require high levels of dust filtration and removal.

Additional Cyclone Systems

  • Motorless Cyclone Units are available for situations where there is already an existing exhaust system.
  • Junior Size Cyclone Systems are a compact, space-saving option for dust collection. AGET’s 500 Series and 1100 Series efficiently eliminate dust with no need for filter cartridges.
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