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AGET’s Industrial Applications for Mist Collectors

By: AGET Mfg | Published May 21, 2015

Different manufacturing industries require different types of dust collection systems. Whether you need to collect large amounts of debris in the air, fine dust particles, or mist, AGET Manufacturing has a solution for you. Here, we’re going to discuss some of our top applications for mist collectors, called our Misktop Mist Collectors, and why mist collection is so important.

Top Applications

  • Parts Cleaning – During the cleaning and degreasing processes, oil and water mist is released into the air due to the high temperatures and pressures of the parts cleaning washers. The Misktop has proven to be highly effective at removing the mist from the air and returning clean air to the work environment. The residual fluid can then be recirculated and reused in the equipment.
  • Machining – Cutting oils and synthetic coolants used in high-speed machining operations can generate considerable amount of mist and smoke. Eliminate this harmful mist right at the source with an AGET Misktop. The residual fluid can then be recirculated and reused in the equipment.
  • Metalworking – Metalworking fluids, such as oils, greases, and lubricants, are not healthy to have floating around a work environment. With the Misktop, you can remove this mist from the air in a cost effective and efficient manner. The residual fluid can then be recirculated and reused in the equipment.

Why Your Business Needs Mist Collection

When employees come into contact with the mist and smoke generated from the machines they work with, it can cause irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. Airborne oils, greases, and lubricants are even potentially carcinogenic. When not controlled properly, employees can be exposed to excess mist through skin contact, ingestion, and inhalation. Mist collectors help to eliminate employees’ exposure to mist and decrease risk of harm. Additionally, in order to meet the OSHA indoor air quality standards, it’s almost always necessary to implement a mist collection system.

About AGET Manufacturing

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