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AGET Case Study: Wood Dust Collection

By: AGET Mfg | Published June 4, 2015

Fixture Manufacturer Keeps Wood Dust Under Control With AGET 2-Stage Collection System

The JD&M Building Company, based in Troy, Michigan, is a leading manufacturer of display fixtures for the retail business, as well as a custom supplier of architectural millwork and high end office interiors. Among their customers are many of America’s best known department stores, prominent jewelry chains, and the corporate headquarters of major national companies.

Materials used by the company to create the special effects and high luster finishes required for their various product lines include architectural veneers, wood, glass, metals, plastic laminates, and acrylics. “The generation of wood dust is always a problem in an operation such as ours,” state Frank J. Moceri, of JD&M, “and we rely on AGET dust control equipment to help us maintain a clean healthy work environment in the plant.”

The firm recently installed a Komo VR512 four-head CNC router, which allows JD&M to work with wood or acrylic panels as large as 5’ x 12’, and to perform multiple operations sequentially, in a single machine set-up. “While the new router has enabled us to increase production capacity,” added Garry J. Servinsky, “it also required a new dust collection system to keep the shop air clean and the router area free of dust, thus assuring higher quality finishes.”

The AGET DUSTKOP, recommended by Komo for maximum efficiency, is a high static dust collection system similar to the one used by Komo in their factory demonstration room. The two-stage 15 HP system consists of a Model 70SN70-PL cyclone collector and a Model FT6-D1 afterfilter, designed for 3200 CFM at 13.5 E.S.P.w.g., with filtered air returning to the building. Maintenance consists primarily of periodic inspection and motor lubrication. Filters can be expected to last 6-10 years.

According to AGET engineers, the dust collection problem at JD&M is typical of dust problems common to the woodworking industries, and where proper application of state-of-the art technology and proven system design can assure a trouble-free solution.

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