Woodshop dust collection system installed on the roof of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI

Case Study: School Woodshop Dust Collection

By: AGET Mfg | Published September 1, 2016

In 2008 the College for Creative Studies (CCS) decided to embark on a new journey and renovate the Argonaut Building in Detroit, Michigan. The goal was to add a school woodshop for undergraduate design and certificate programs. Knowing CCS would have a busy woodshop, shop instructor, Neal Sackey, along with the A & E on the job, Albert Kahn and Associates, contacted AGET to provide the woodshop dust collection units. Neal had previously worked with AGET and knew he could depend on AGET to provide the same great quality products he had trusted in the past.

Evaluating the Woodshop Environment

The entire 12th floor was being dedicated to the woodshop with a space on the roof for the collector. The woodshop plan included disc sanders, band saws, chop saws, table saws, vertical panel saws, spindle sanders, scroll saws, two model printers, and two CNC mills. With all of these units running, there would be a mass amount of dust produced that could be potentially hazardous. AGET evaluated the size of the rooms, along with the potential dust that would be produced and came up with a solution for the woodshop dust collection problem.

Providing the Woodshop Dust Collection Solution

With donations the college had received, there was enough budget for AGET to provide larger dust collection units to accommodate the grand woodshop being constructed. After careful evaluation, AGET chose to install their 100N50-PL-SP DUSTKOP Collector with a FH58-3D-SP FILTERKOP After Filter, and furnished with a 20E31 DUSTKOP Exhauster (reinjection blower). AGET also supplied a Control Panel and an Intake Adapter Plate that would allow for a hose to be connected and used as a vacuum when cleaning machines.

Quality, Energy Efficiency & Affordability

The woodshop dust collection units installed at the CCS feature a cutting-edge approach to dust collection that AGET has specialized in for more than 75 years. The school can collect a variety of particle sizes, with large particles being deposited into two drum barrels. AGET custom assembled duct work from the DUSTKOP unit on the roof to the two drums located in the woodshop for easy particle removal. The high level of efficiency from the dust collectors allows the students to work in a safe and dust-free environment.

AGET provided a quality, energy efficient, and affordable woodshop dust collection solution for CCS. The ease of maintenance and dust disposal has allowed the woodshop to run smoothly and provided a highly useful and safe learning environment for the students.

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